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Smart Girl Stories Disclaimers


We love to boost our posts on IG. It helps us gain traffic and helps us provide our fun content to people who are not our followers. Some of our articles are on famous people both past and present who are champions of social causes/issues, are current or previous elected officials, or are in some way or another involved in politics.

In order to meet the posting requirements, we’ve created this page to be as transparent as possible about our organization and our cause.

All boosts are paid for by our owner, SmartGirl Media Corporation. You can learn more about our company at Smart Girl Media Corporation which is located in Skaneateles, NY.

We do our best to research accurate profile information on our biography pages.

Most of our articles are written by a 14 year old “SmartGirl” so we refrain from all profanity and objectional language.

We are in no way affiliated with Facebook.

Our goal is to introduce you to fascinating female role models. We hope our disclaimer page meets the needs of our social media friends.

Thank you.