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Advertising With Purpose: Natalia Ramos

When we talk about advertising, you might think of McDonald’s, Apple, or some other multi-million dollar company like Coca-Cola’s Christmas commercials or the amount of money invested in the halftime of the Super Bowl. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s just the way advertising usually works.

But then, there’s Natalia Ramos, a Chilean journalist, who also advertises, not specifically for Apple or Coca-Cola, but for nonprofit organizations with a cause that needs more volunteers, donations, or recognition to achieve their goal. 

Today we interviewed her at SmartGirlStories, where we learned how her confidence in herself, her passion, and her team led her to create a renowned content agency in the industry.

From Idea To Action

Natalia told me that she didn’t start with the goal of creating an agency or working primarily with clients with a specific cause, but after her work, she had some freelance projects that gradually opened more doors for her.

Instead of limiting herself by not offering the service, she saw an opportunity to create employment for someone else and continue to support her client, so she subcontracted other people to help her create these projects that she could not do on her own.

In this way, she built his team until she reached a point where his freelance projects required more time than she could devote to them given his full-time job.

These are the situations when you have to make an honest decision about what you want and what makes you feel good. In this case, Natalia felt it was time to take a leap of faith with her team, her clients, and her projects, and gradually leave her “safe” and “contract” jobs to be a leader of the stories she chose to tell.

“All the time I was thinking about how I wanted my company to be, that it should be a fair place, where they give me guarantees, that they are transparent, that they pay me on time, where there is also open communication”.

That was how the content agency “InnataMedia” was born.

Natalia Ramos: Becoming A Business Owner

Although the gap still exists, fortunately, we are seeing more and more women in leadership positions, and Natalia went from being a full-time employee to owning her own business. But it’s not about sitting in an office on the top floor of a fancy building, signing papers, and attending meetings.

Natalia’s office was already her own home a few years ago, and now, in addition to continuing to write content for her clients, she had to learn the entire legal field, about employment law, tax payments, leadership, crisis management, and everything else that a company has to do.

This was especially difficult because she had to learn on the job, but she had already made the decision to rely on her talent, so she gave it her all. She surrounded herself with supportive people, and stayed up many nights, but was eventually able to master it enough to function as an agency.

All growth is uncomfortable and scary because we are usually not good at it the first time, but the difference between someone who makes it and someone who doesn’t is who gives up on their goals.

“I had to learn accounting and I learned by making mistakes, I had to learn about human resources, I had to learn about the legislation in my country. From there I grew because I wanted to be a better leader. Then I wanted to understand my leadership style better so that I could lead my team better.

What inspires us about Natalia is not only her courage to take this leap of faith in her talent, but also her constant effort to be the best leader for her team, even when she did not have all the certainties.

Thus, after a few years, they have worked on projects with a cause, for all types of clients: e-learning, mining, sustainable energy, foundations, and homes, among others.

The detail is that they always focus on content and storytelling as the center of everything, because in most cases, unlike the classic “Look at my product, buy it now” campaign, Innata Media’s touch is “Look at the impact of this company in the lives of all these people,” which adds value and differentiates their work in the field.

Growing With Clients

At one point, I asked Natalia, “Have you had a project that, after you worked on it, taught you something or changed your perspective?

After thinking for a few seconds, Natalia told me about “Fundación Crecer,” an initiative in Chile for women micro-entrepreneurs who, like her, started their businesses from home and need training, funding, or other resources to grow.

Natalia’s team supported them with fundraising campaigns and even exceeded the goal, which made everyone feel good and more than supported the entrepreneurs who chose to support their businesses.

They even teamed up with Audubon, an American non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats. In addition to participating in the creation of content, the team was able to expand their knowledge and sensitivity to the conservation and understanding of birds.

None of this happens by accident, Natalia makes sure to involve her team in the projects as much as possible, because when they connect with the importance of what they are doing, the work feels more human, it comes out with more love.

Natalia’s Advice For A Kinder World

Throughout the interview, Natalia mentions how important psychotherapy has been for her in her whole process, to have more tools to be able to increase her self-knowledge and to know how to deal with certain types of situations that can cause insecurity.

She also concludes the interview by sharing valuable tips from his experience on how we can be kinder to each other:


“I think empathy is something you cultivate. Sometimes it can hurt when you give and realize that you are thinking for others first and then for yourself.

So you have to know how to train it so that when you feel empathy for something, you’ll know how to act to improve it so that it does not affect your boundaries or threaten your general well-being.


To be aware of your surroundings, to understand what is happening to you, what your limits are, what the limits of others are… Just be aware that every action you take during the day can affect you and your surroundings.

This is because it gives you a clearer guide of who you are, where you want to go, and what people you want by your side, being aware of this will help you make decisions that are more true to you.

Pay attention

“Pay attention to what they tell you, how they tell you, pay attention to what you want, because that makes a difference, because you see what others don’t see, you see opportunities where others don’t see them, you see solutions where others think there is no solution”.

And that goes hand in hand with being more mindful, being kind to yourself first, listening to others, and being present.

We hope that InnataMedia continues to multiply its impact through its work and support of cause-based organizations, and that Natalia continues to explore the incredible leader within her so she can continue to inspire more and more people.

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