Smart Girl Stories

Somer Baburek: Pioneering Women’s Health Innovator

In the realm of women’s health, there are trailblazers, and then there is Somer Baburek, President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Hera Biotech. With a mission to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of...

Carrie Colbert: Empowering Women as Founding & General Partner of Curate Capital

“I find so much joy in having the opportunity to empower these women and share their businesses with my investors and our broader community,” says Carrie Colbert, Founding and General Partner of Curate Capital...

Meet Smart Girl Advocate – Aquila Mendez-Valdez – Founder of Haute in Texas

10 years ago, with a toddler clinging to my leg and a second baby on the way, I started Haute in Texas. Balancing motherhood and launching a dream felt impossible, but seeing the need for passionate, strategic...

Haute In Texas

advocate Haute In Texas

Led by Owner & CEO Aquila Mendez-Valdez, the HITsters (as one client dubbed us) at Haute in Texas are a mix of busy moms, up and coming talent, and fiercely loyal Texans. Our team offers every client we work with a fully customized approach to PR and Marketing with exceptional client communications. We love strong cups of coffee and weak dad jokes. If you’re bringing either to a meeting, consider us in. Click to visit us online