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Amal Clooney
Stories of inspiration from Smart Girl Stories across the globe. Amal Clooney – International Human Rights Lawyer and Refugee

Amal Clooney – International Human Rights Lawyer and Refugee

On February 3rd, 1978, Amal Clooney was born the youngest of four children in Beirut, Lebanon, under the name Amal Allamudin. Today she is known as the wife of famous actor George Clooney and is seen at star-studded events like the Royal Wedding and the Oscars. But her life began as an immigrant, as a foreigner fleeing a war. From this humble beginning, talent, incredibly hard work, and a successful law career made Amal Clooney into the inspiring woman she is today. This is her story.

Amal Clooney – Early Life and Academic Success

At the age of two, in the 1970’s, Amal’s family found themselves caught up in the Lebanese civil war. Like many refugees, they had to run from their homes because of the impossible situation of war and fear for their lives. Thankfully, they found a safe refuge in the United Kingdom in 1980. Settling in Southeast England with her parents and three siblings, Amal grew up in England with a father who was formerly a professor at American University in Beirut and a mother who was an accomplished journalist. Always encouraged by her parents to work hard, Amal stood out at an all-girls school for her good work and eventually moved on to Oxford and New York University.

Amal’s academic achievements earned her a scholarship to Oxford University in 1996, graduating in 2000 with a law degree. Her focus was on human rights and international law—a topic that was likely inspired by her own background as a refugee and a person whose life was uprooted by war. Even though the difficult departure from her home was never far from her mind, Amal took that harsh experience and made a commitment to the rule of law and justice.

After graduating from Oxford, her training extended to New York University, where she completed a master’s degree in law. Her road to success includes the legal defense of major journalists like Julian Assange and others who face persecution for telling the truth. She has even represented entire countries, like Greece and Armenia in lawsuits to reclaim important artifacts from British museums. While she is often featured in celebrity tabloids and fashion magazines, Amal still works as a lawyer and makes every effort to draw attention to important issues currently happening across the world.

From Refugee to Human Rights Lawyer and Celebrity

While Amal is known for her style, her glamour, and her famous husband, she is an accomplished person whose origins are in a war in the Middle East that lasted 15 years. In the middle of this war, when Amal was born, she was given the name ‘hope’ (Amal) and today, she inspires many with her glamorous style and serious human rights work. Hope is possible even in the face of war and being far away from home.

Today, Amal Clooney holds a lecture appointment at Columbia Law School and regularly appears as a speaker at the United Nations continuing to defend victims of war crimes as well as journalists and freedom of the press.

Mixing intelligence and style, Aaml, in an interview, says, “I think there’s a certain responsibility that comes with [celebrity] to use that spotlight for serious issues.” Driven by justice and the pursuit of media freedom, and human rights, Amal is an inspiration everywhere.

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