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Ameera Al Taweel
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Ameera Al Taweel – Former Princess and Philanthropist

Born on November 6th, 1983, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Ameera Al Taweel was later crowned a princess and afterward, embarked on a mission of philanthropy and advocacy across the Middle East. She is known for pushing against the kinds of barriers faced by women in Saudi Arabia and for championing the rights of women to drive and vote.

Ameera also works hard to dispel overly simple views of women’s issues and reminds people that Saudi Arabi hosts high rates of female education and entrepreneurship in the region. She leads the Bin Talal foundation, which has played a pivotal role in accrediting over 600 women lawyers in Saudi Arabi, including her own sister in the ranks.

Ameera’s Early Life and Coronation

Raised by a divorced mother and grandmother in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Ameera’s early life laid the foundations for the remarkable journey that would become her life of philanthropy and media outreach. At the age of 18, she encountered a royal family member, a prince, during a research project for school. Her project covered the House of Suad, the current reigning dynasty in Saudi Arabia, and to her delight, she was able to interview Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud who was struck by her demeanor, dignity and confidence, despite her young age. Even though she married into a royal family, Ameera continued working and staying engaged in meaningful projects. “I didn’t want to be that girl who just sat around,” she reflects.

Since her marriage, Ameera founded and funded several Non-Government Organizations and institutes that spearhead the well-being of women and young people in the region. Focused on education and entrepreneurship, these organizations directly mentor and assist community members who seek opportunities and advancement in this increasingly global world. Ameera Al Taweel’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish Time Entertainment, a production company focused on creating progressive content and fostering social equity in media. Additionally, she co-founded the Tasamy Social Initiative Center, a non-governmental organization in Saudi Arabia.

Leaving the Dynasty: A New Life Ahead

Using her platform to help others and using her fame to draw attention to women’s issues, unfortunately gave offense to some members of the royal family, leading Ameera to separate from the prince in 2013. As a public figure, Ameera epitomizes strength of character, leadership, and humanitarianism. Her approach to self-betterment and citizenship encourages others to pursue positive change in their own lives, using diplomacy and dialogue, to move forward and elevate themselves in life. She openly acknowledges that her journey has come with challenges, particularly the demands that come with being in the spotlight and living under public scrutiny, as well as the attached workload that comes with leadership and administrative work.

Despite the challenges, Ameera stayed true to her principles and separated from her relationship to keep her responsibilities to philanthropy and leadership. Ameera Al Taweel’s legacy is that of a dynamic individual who has transitioned from royalty to a tireless advocate for equity, making a profound impact through various initiatives and organizations.

Ameera Al Taweel’s Legacy

Ameera Al Taweel has been instrumental in debunking stereotypes associated with Saudi Arabia. She actively critiques the misconceptions that often cloud perceptions of Muslim societies while acknowledging the need to push for reforms. Reminding us that discrimination is not an issue tied to a specific region of the world or a specific culture or religion, but rather a complex issue of a global proportions which is often shaped by other factors like economics or politics between states.

Acknowledging the complexities of advocating for women’s rights, especially within the constraints of regressive laws and policies, as well in the face of Western stereotypes, Ameera Al Taweel’s life and accomplishments are worth considering. She continuously illustrates a fine example of women’s rights and is a balanced critic of social and cultural problems with a moderate approach.

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