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Emmeline Pankhurst – A Suffragette

A Suffragette by Emmeline Pankhurst is a captivating account of one woman’s fight for gender equality and the right to vote in Britain. Through her courageous leadership and groundbreaking work with the Women’s Social and Political Union, Emmeline changed the face of British democracy forever.

The book follows the life of Emmeline Pankhurst, from her upbringing to her eventual victory in the fight for women’s suffrage. Readers get an intimate look at how she started out as a young activist, then fought fiercely against overwhelming odds to secure victories like winning local election reform that gave working class men – and eventually women – the right to vote.

In her memoir, Emmeline details her numerous daring acts of civil disobedience—including hunger strikes, window smashing, and demonstration leading—as well as the consequences she faced. Through it all she remained steadfast in her commitment to securing equal rights for women no matter what it took.

A Suffragette is an uplifting tribute that stands as an enduring testament of feminine strength and fortitude. Though written nearly 100 years ago, its messages are still relevant today: sometimes you have to break rules to make history. Emmeline Pankhurst’s story will remain a beacon of courage to women everywhere who dream of achieving greater justice in their own lives and communities.



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