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Caged Bird : Stories From Safe House And Nadia Anjuman’s Poems

Caged Bird is a powerful collection of stories, poems, and essays that offers an eye-opening look into the lives of women living in Afghanistan. Compiled by Afghan poet Nadia Anjuman, this book brings together powerful narratives that depict their struggles and triumphs in the face of extreme hardship.

The title comes from Maya Angelou’s iconic poem “Caged Bird” which speaks to the oppression experienced by many women in war-torn countries like Afghanistan. This collection builds upon that sentiment and gives readers insight into these women’s incredibly difficult but courageous lives.

The Caged Bird

Nadia’s personal experiences as a young woman in Afghanistan are also featured throughout – offering an intimate look at her own journey through life as she navigates cultural expectations, violence, marriage and more. The combination of raw emotion mixed with reality create a unique perspective for readers to connect to this seemingly distant world.

This book is especially remarkable when considering it was actually written inside a safe house for women in Herat – making it an even more inspiring example of what can be accomplished despite extreme circumstances. Inside complicated stories of strength come messages of hope – proving that even after surviving incredible suffering, joy can still be found if we continue to fight against injustice.

Insight Into Their World

For anyone looking to gain real insight into the lives of those living in war-ravaged countries such as Afghanistan, Caged Bird: Stories From Safe House and Nadia Anjuman’s Poems will surely provide an informative and fascinating read!



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