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Carrie Colbert: Empowering Women as Founding & General Partner of Curate Capital

“I find so much joy in having the opportunity to empower these women and share their businesses with my investors and our broader community,” says Carrie Colbert, Founding and General Partner of Curate Capital

Carrie, a strong advocate for gender equality in the investment realm, had long championed the inclusion of women in the entrepreneurial landscape. Her passion for this grew stronger when she witnessed a promising return on her investment in women entrepreneurs, reinforcing her belief in the importance of supporting women-led businesses. Today, she continues to empower female entrepreneurs along their journey, and she’s doing it in color! 

Carrie brings not only her expertise in venture capital but also her radiant presence. She firmly believes in incorporating vibrant colors into her daily wardrobe, immersing herself in the positivity they bring.

I coined the hashtag #MoreColorPlease because I truly believe surrounding yourself with vibrancy and positive energy is the only way to live your life. It sounds corny, but something as simple as slipping on a bright pink dress or rainbow sweater can totally turn my day around,” says Colbert.

Carrie thrives on supporting and empowering women in the entrepreneurial world, infusing her work with a contagious positivity that uplifts everyone around her. Her dedication shines through in every interaction, fostering a vibrant community of inspired and motivated women in the world of entrepreneurship. 

How it all Started…

Carrie was raised in a small town in the Texas panhandle, and was valedictorian of her class. During high school, her counselor, the sole engineer in Perryton, encouraged her to pursue petroleum engineering. Following this advice, Carrie studied petroleum engineering at the University of Texas in Austin. She then moved to Houston as there were many opportunities here in the oil and gas industry. 

Although she wasn’t passionate about this profession, she was very passionate about being an entrepreneur. Carrie spent over a dozen years in the oil and gas industry before discovering that her true passions are in entrepreneurship and empowering women in business. When Carrie decided to steer away from her oil and gas career, she focused on her colorful social media presence. She quickly gained a substantial following and utilized her platform to connect with women entrepreneurs, advising them, and investing in their businesses. 

After experiencing a favorable return on her investments in women and the large network she was building through her social media, Carrie recognized the necessity for a larger platform to maximize her impact. Driven by her commitment and desire for gender equality in the entrepreneurial realm and recognizing the impressive performance of women-led businesses, Carrie launched Curate Capital in 2021.

Curate Capital extends a warm welcome to women interested in investing in their businesses, providing the space and resources for them to thrive in leading their businesses. In 2022, Curate Capital closed their first fund. While their goal was $10M, they raised $15M – surpassing their goal by 50%. As this was already very impactful, it brought a whole new meaning with 80% of their investors being women! 

Carrie recognized that women-led businesses, despite being underfunded, consistently outperformed, making investing in them a no brainer. Recognizing that women-led businesses were not getting the attention they deserved, Carrie knew there was a huge opportunity for her to invest. After investing into these businesses, she found that many female-founded businesses were successful but had the potential to expand on a much larger scale.

Curate Capital holds a portfolio of numerous female-founded consumer businesses, including To The Market, a company that connects businesses and consumers to ethically made products from around the world; Another Tomorrow, a sustainable apparel company; and InTuiTap, a medical device company that enhances physicians’ accuracy and effectiveness in performing spinal punctures, to name a few. Each of these businesses and their success stand as a testament to Curate Capital’s mission to build a community of female entrepreneurs in which they can thrive. 

Carrie’s exceptional journey is an inspiration to women and advocates for boldly pursuing their passions and investing in the success of their businesses. She has granted every step she took in her journey as an opportunity for growth and development. “If we look at everything as a learning opportunity, then we’ll eventually land in our sweet spot,” said Colbert. 

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Redefining the Face of the Investor

Carrie’s commitment to supporting women-led businesses extends beyond fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem for their prosperity; it’s rooted in her desire to witness greater female representation in the entrepreneurial landscape. 

“I’m doing work that I feel very passionate about in terms of empowering women in their businesses, and breaking down barriers to understanding finances, investing, and all sorts of money things like that,” said Colbert. 

Curate Capital distinguishes itself by pioneering innovative strategies in investing in women-led businesses, prioritizing holistic support systems and fostering long-term growth opportunities for female entrepreneurs. Carrie has built a diverse portfolio of women-owned businesses, each one a testament to her unwavering support for women entrepreneurs. 

Carrie’s multifaceted support for women entrepreneurs isn’t just about financial backing; through her social media platform and speaking engagements, she provides mentorship and education, reshaping the investor landscape and empowering women with the resources they need to thrive in their businesses. 

Given that women account for 85% of consumer purchases in the U.S., it underscores the significance of women-led businesses in the consumer market. With Carrie recognizing this, she brings a whole new perspective when it comes to investing, highlighting the importance of greater female representation within the investment landscape.

Carrie’s diligent efforts have garnered well-deserved recognition, with Curate Capital prominently featured in esteemed publications such as OILWOMAN Magazine, City Lifestyle Houston, InnovationMap, Houston Business Journal, and others. Her dedication to empowering women in entrepreneurship has resonated widely, showcasing her positive impact on the business community and beyond.

As Carrie continues to share her expertise and support women-led businesses through Curate Capital, she also serves on the Cockrell School of Engineering advisory board and actively attends The Story Church. She dedicates time to serving the homeless community weekly, and is a sought-after speaker for female entrepreneurs. Above all, she takes pride in being a devoted mother to her six-year-old daughter, Elle, and three-year-old son, Luke. 

Through her journey of breaking barriers and redefining norms, Carrie has not only become a successful venture capitalist but has also championed the cause of empowering women within this dynamic realm. Her story is not just about personal achievement; it’s about catalyzing change and shaping a future where the face of investment reflects more women entrepreneurs.

Looking Ahead

Carrie envisions a world in which women are more seen in the entrepreneur landscape. With a keen eye for female-led ventures, she continues empowering women by providing strategic investments and guidance to foster opportunities for female entrepreneurs. As an influencer herself, Carrie realized the power of influencers investing and has been a pioneer of the #influentialinvesting concept. 

Carrie is always anticipating the next opportunity to elevate female entrepreneurs and expand their business opportunities to the next level. With her vibrant personality and unwavering dedication, she exemplifies leadership in her mission to empower women and drive meaningful change in the entrepreneurial sphere.

As Carrie moves forward in her venture capitalist career, she continues to share her story and expertise with female entrepreneurs, investors, and founders. With numerous women interested in taking their business to new heights but are uncertain of their first step, Carrie takes the lead in educating, supporting, and investing into their vision. Curate Capital has created a shared community of women who have the opportunity for their voices and visions to be heard in the entrepreneurial landscape. 

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