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Dr Shereene Idriss
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Dr. Shereene Idriss – The Skincare Superstar

Meet Dr. Shereene Idriss: Medical Doctor, YouTube Icon, and Product Developer. Dr. Shereene is like a superhero in the world of skincare. She’s not just any doctor; she’s a skin doctor (also called a dermatologist), a YouTube star, and she even makes her own skincare products. Imagine having all these cool talents!

Fluent in three languages, Dr. Shereene learned to grow up strong. Born in Lebanon during a turbulent period, Shereen is the youngest of three sisters and before she was born her parents did something really brave—they left their home country to start a new life in Washington, DC. They taught Shereene an important lesson, which came from the experience of war, they told her to always be independent and have a job you can do no matter where you are.

Why Skin Care?

Shereene was a strong student. She went to George Washington University for seven years to learn everything about becoming a doctor. Her dad was also a doctor, so she likely got some of her inspiration from him. In her second year of medical school, Shereene went with her sister to doctor’s appointment because her sister had a skin problem called eczema. That’s when Shereene fell in love with dermatology—the field of medicine that deals with the skin. She thought it was cool because it mixed medicine with creativity and aesthetics. “She has always been the artist in the family,” her sister Nayla shared. “Anything that involved her using her hands and creativity she excelled at.”

Online Persona and Product Line

After finishing school, Shereene worked in clinics all over the Northeastern United States. During these years, she noticed how more and more people are using products to on their skin without really knowing how to use them correctly or even what they contain. She would complain about there being a lot of bad information out therex, which was frustrating. So, she decided to do something about it. She started sharing her knowledge online first on Instagram as a medical professional and then moved to YouTube and TikTok where she educated viewers about products and creams people are using on their skin and hair. Even though she was nervous to speak on camera, she did not let that stop her.

Dr. Shereene Idriss – Medical Doctor and Product Developer

As the skincare industry witnessed a surge in skin-focused cosmetics and do-it-yourself trends over the past decade, it also experienced an influx of misinformation and misconceptions. Driven by a desire to combat these issues, Dr. Shereen expanded her medical practice to include a comprehensive product line and an influential online persona.

Despite grappling with a fear of public speaking and initial camera-shyness, Dr. Shereen felt compelled to address the misunderstandings her patients had about the nature of human skin and healthy skincare practices. Backed by her scientific expertise and extensive medical training, she leveraged her platform to educate the public about proper skincare practices and the science behind maintaining healthy skin.


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