Smart Girl Stories

Carrie Colbert: Empowering Women as Founding & General Partner of Curate Capital

“I find so much joy in having the opportunity to empower these women and share their businesses with my investors and our broader community,” says Carrie Colbert, Founding and General Partner of Curate Capital...

From Canvas to Cork: How One Artist Made the Leap into the Wine Industry

Throughout my entire life, I have been immersed in the world of art. I have studied art since I was a child and took up oil painting at the age of 7. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from UTSA and have...

Skill Acquisition: CRIMMD Centre Trains 11,000 Lagos Women, Girls

CRIMMD Free Skill Acquisition Centre for Women provides first-hand training for women to become experts in their chosen skills, ranging from tailoring/fashion designing to catering, bead making, soap making...

Entrepreneurial Women

Entrepreneurial Women

This category celebrates the ingenuity and perseverance of female entrepreneurs building successful businesses and inspiring others. Explore the stories of self-made women who turned their ideas into thriving enterprises. Learn about the challenges female entrepreneurs face, such as access to funding and gender bias, and how they overcame them. Discover resources and organizations that support women-owned businesses. The category can also feature interviews with successful entrepreneurs who share their journeys and offer tips for aspiring businesswomen.