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Meet Jennifer Lennox – AutoCanada’s Head of Culture

Women In a Male-Dominated Industry Paving the Way for Others to Grow, Lead, and Inspire In September 2022, Jennifer Lennox, CHRE, was named to AutoCanada’s Senior Leadership Team as the Vice President of...

Meet the First Female Deputy General for the National Agency for Control of AIDS – Dr. Temitope Ilori

” Help! Help! Help! That was the loud sound I heard coming from my first child at about 6 pm on a fateful Friday evening after having dinner. I quickly rushed out from the kitchen where I was and saw my...

The Amazing Accomplishments of Jane Fraser, First Female CEO Of A Major US Bank

The world of finance has been a male-dominated field for a long time, however, there are female leaders who are making significant strides to break the glass ceiling. One such woman is Jane Fraser, who...

First of her kind

First of her kind

Shattering glass ceilings and breaking down barriers, this category celebrates the trailblazing women who were the first in their fields. From astronauts to CEOs, these women defied societal expectations and paved the way for future generations. Discover the story of Sally Ride, the first American woman in space who inspired countless young girls to pursue careers in STEM fields. Learn about Sally Kristen Ride, the first American woman in space who inspired numerous young girls to pursue careers in STEM fields. I was awestruck by Madam C.J. Walker, the first Black American female millionaire who built a beauty empire that empowered women of color. Explore the achievements of Indra Nooyi, the first woman of color and immigrant to become CEO of PepsiCo, who shattered corporate barriers.