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Smart Girl Guest Blog Registration

Smart Girl Guest Blog Registration

Smart Girl Stories welcomes guest blog entries from Smart Girls across the globe!

We are excited that you are taking the first step in sharing your story with the world. This form is open to all, but it would be great if you’ve already submitted a pitch and come across this form. You can register here, and we’ll approve your access. Then, you’ll be able to submit your story.

If you saw one of our links to share a story, great, you’ll join here and then upload your pitch for a story. We also actively accept pitches on PressHook,, and Qwoted. If you saw us there, welcome!

If you are surfing the web and see a link for storytelling, I am excited to have you here.

All registrations to SGS require email authentication. We’ll email you once you complete the form below to confirm access. Once you verify, you’ll be in our system. Yay!

Only after you become a member can you submit a Smart Girl Story for consideration. That story can be about you or someone else you happen to know.

Let’s get you started. Please enter your information below, and we’ll see you in the membership section.