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Candice King

Interview with Candice King

Thank you so much Candice for doing this! Candice is a professional equestrian and has developed 5 horses who have gone on to compete in the Olympics. She was an alternate for the World Equestrian Games and has represented our country more than 30 times in Nation Cups.

Hannah: “How long have you been riding?”

Candice: “Since I was six months old. My mom would put me in front of her in a western saddle on trail rides.”

Hannah: “If you weren’t an equestrian, what other career

would you have chosen?”

Candice: “Race car driving or a musician, like a singer, to be able to sing to make people feel good.”

Hannah: “What life skills do you think riding has taught you?”

Candice: “A lot. It has taught me patience, persistence, empathy, work-ethic, independence, to never give up on your dreams, and how to travel around the world.”

Hannah: “Why do you like riding?”

Candice: “I love that I’m able to work with another mind as well as have the ability to be with a new partner often. We work together to be the best we can be as individuals as well as a team.”

Hannah: “Is there anyone that inspires you?”

Candice: “There are many. I will first say my mom and dad, as well as all the great mentors I still have today and the ones I continue to gain. Also a quote: ‘It is what you learn after you think you know it all that counts.’ I live by that and I would say that is what inspires me and the fact that I keep learning about my career.”

Hannah: “What is one of your favorite riding experiences?”

Candice: “It was the Great American $1 Million Grand Prix at HITS Ocala”

Hannah: “Describe your favorite teacher and why they were your favorite.”

Candice: “Hap Hansen because he was always about the horse. He taught me how to focus on the horse, rather than focusing on myself.”

Hannah: “Who is a woman, or multiple women, who have helped you become the person that you are today?”

Candice: “My mother, Mousie Williams, Pee-Wee Moreno, and Shari Rose.”

Hannah: “How would you explain Girl Power?”

Candice: “To keep believing in one’s dreams and aspirations.”

Hannah: “Who is the smartest girl you know?”

Candice: “I’m going to give it to two horses. One is Wula, my first international Grand Prix horse that took me to my first international competition when I was nineteen years old. Also, Kismet 50.”

Hannah: “What do you do when you want to quit or stop doing something?”

Candice: “I keep putting one foot in front of the other and to never give up on myself.”

Hannah: “What goes through your mind when you think of who has joined your career before you?”

Candice: “Admiration and leadership.”

Hannah: “What is a piece of advice that you would give to a young girl?”

Candice: “Never give up on your dreams, always stay true to yourself and your dreams, and always keep working.”

Thank you Candice and thank you readers!

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