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Joan of Arc – Military Leader

Due to my trip to France, I thought that I would educate SGS fans on French women such as Joan of Arc.

French woman number one is Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc was a French Military Leader in the Hundred Years War (which was not actually 100 years, it was 116), she led the French against the British at a young age. Here are some facts about her:

– She grew up in a small town on a farm in France. Her father, Jacques was an official for the town. When she became old enough, she worked on the farm.

– She was very religious, when she was about twelve years old, she said that she had a vision from God and saw Michael the Archangel, where he was leading her to lead the French in a battle against the English. She continued to hear voices and have visions. When she was sixteen, she began to take action on those visions.

– To fulfill her visions, she asked King Charles of France for an army. At first, he was suspicious, but realized that he had nothing to lose.

– While she waited for the king’s response, she trained for battle. She became a better fighter and equestrian in that time.

– The news of the fact that Joan had visions from God, reached the the town of Orleans before she did! When she arrived in Orleans, she was greeted with celebrations and cheering.

– She led her army to victory at the Battle of Orleans, though she was wounded.

– She was like a Mulan, as she cut her hair and dressed as a man.

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