Smart Girl Stories

Louise Bourgeois – Sculptor

Louise Bourgeois is a name that has cemented itself in the art world as a true master. Her body of work is a vast and varied collection that spans decades of creative exploration, leaving an undeniably lasting...

Amelia Bloomer – A Pioneer for Women’s Rights

Amelia Bloomer was a remarkable woman who dedicated herself to the cause of women’s rights. Born in 1818, she spent her entire life advocating for change and pushing boundaries. Her most notable contribution...

Lydia Moss Bradley – Philanthropist

Lydia Moss Bradley was more than just a philanthropist; she was a visionary leader who made significant contributions to both the commercial and charitable sectors. With keen business acumen, she founded and...

National Women’s Hall of Fame

National Women's Hall of Fame

This category celebrates the extraordinary women inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in the United States. Explore the stories of these remarkable women who have made significant contributions in diverse fields, including science, politics, arts, and social justice. Learn about the achievements of pioneers like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, champions of women’s suffrage. Discover the contributions of contemporary figures like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Supreme Court Justice who fought for women’s rights, and Billie Jean King, a tennis champion who advocated for gender equality in sports.