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Lucy D Yunana: Helping Women And Girls In Crisis

Our friend Lucy D Yunana, is an activist helping with the rights of women and girls in crisis. She is the Executive Director of Women in the New Nigeria and Youth Empowerment Initiative (WINN), a member of the Task Force on Human Trafficking and the Coordinator, Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC), Borno State, Nigeria.

Lucy D Yunana is currently campaigning for the rights of women and girls, whose rights have been violated, to seek justice and promote peace.

The activist spoke at length on funding opportunities and challenges associated with creating sustainable safe spaces for women and girls in Nigeria. She also talked about motivating domestic violence survivors to becoming more confident and prepared to create their own dwellings afterwards. She did not forget to mention the recent empowerment projects sponsored by Women in the New Nigeria and Youth Empowerment Initiative(WINN), to help in becoming self reliance and many more.

The Rights Of Women

When women and girls affected by crisis are adequately equipped and empowered with proper skills , training, and education, life becomes more bearable for them to live. Lucy D notified that education and empowerment initiatives should focus on providing women and girls with access to quality education, vocational training, and economic opportunities to foster independence and resilience against violence.

Having that in mind, the human rights and gender activist Lucy D Yunana recently trained about (80)women and girls on different vocational skills in Borno aid 20 persons were trained on tailoring , 20 on Bead making, 20 on Pomade making and 20 on liquid soap making. During the thrive exhibition showcasing some of the products made in the course the training, the activist made it known that a project exists on protection and resilience which gives opportunities for each of the women and girls in safe spaces across communities to choose the trade they are interested in learning.

She said , the project isn’t limited to learning trade alone, but it includes formal and non formal education, which will help them in training their children to recognize alphabets and numbers. The activist added that the newly trained women and girls are graduating from safe spaces after acquiring skills to help them become self reliance.

While celebrating this year international women’s day, Lucy D Yunana emphasized the need for the inclusion of disable persons during a visit to the Al- Muskim internally displaced person camp,( IDP) Borno. The visit featured an exhibition of bead projects made by members of the camp.

Funding Challenges: Creating Sustainable Safe Spaces For Women And Girls In Nigeria

How to kickstart the business after leaving save space, also remains a majority concern. Lucy D Yunana says “Normally, start-up pack is always given, but it’s a no for this particular set as they are being trained to be resilient.”

Some other challenges involved in raising capital to maintain sustainable safe spaces include limited funding allocation, bureaucratic hurdles, and competing priorities. Funding opportunities comes through government grants, international aid, corporate sponsorships, and philanthropic donations. Advocating for a strong sustainable funding models incorporating public-private partnerships and community contributions can enhance financial stability.

She added that limited access to comprehensive sex education in schools due to cultural sensitivities or conservative beliefs hinders efforts to address these issues at an early age.

She also noted that socioeconomic disparities and lack of resources in certain communities may limit access to educational programs and support services, leaving many young people vulnerable to misinformation and unhealthy relationship dynamics.

The Rights Of Women: How To Empower Women And Girls In Nigeria To Recognize The Signs Of Domestic Violence And Feel Confident in Seeking Help

Context-sensitive education and awareness campaigns should be implemented to educate women and girls about the different forms of domestic violence, including physical, emotional, and financial abuse. Providing information about the dynamics of abusive relationships and emphasising that domestic violence is never acceptable can help individuals recognize when they are experiencing abuse.

One prominent obstacle is the persistence of traditional gender norms and cultural attitudes that normalise or condone violence against women. These norms may perpetuate harmful stereotypes and discourage open dialogue about consent, respect, and equality in relationships.

Lucy D sees collaboration with community leaders, religious institutions, and other stakeholders as a crucial step towards creating a supportive environment that values and prioritises the safety and well-being of women and girls. By working together to raise awareness, provide resources, and challenge harmful norms.

Strategies: Promoting Bystandard Intervention In Cases Of Domestic Violence Within Nigerian Communities

The activist noted that bystander intervention often relies on community responses to reports of abuse, and one of the ways of promoting bystander intervention is to firstly raise awareness about it’s importance, which can be achieved through community-wide education campaigns, workshops, and training sessions that empower community members to recognize signs of abuse and intervene safely.

“Providing bystander intervention training and resources to key stakeholders such as religious leaders, community leaders, educators, and healthcare professionals can enhance the effectiveness of interventions. These individuals can serve as role models and advocates for bystander intervention within their respective spheres of influence, amplifying efforts to prevent and address domestic violence,” she said.

How To Ensure That Law Enforcement In Nigeria Is Adequately Trained And Equipped To Handle Cases Of Domestic Violence Sensitively And Effectively

Regular evaluation and feedback mechanisms can help identify area of weakness and improvement , “A continuous development of law enforcement responses to domestic violence, ultimately enhancing sensitivity and effectiveness in addressing these cases,” she noted.

Measuring Success: Initiatives Aimed At Creating Safe Spaces For Women And Girls in Nigeria, And Ensuring They Are Culturally Appropriate

The most appropriate criteria for success lies in the initiatives objectives, what determines the success is the degree to which the objectives have been met. Adopting qualitative and quantitative methods such as surveys,feed back mechanism, focus groups, and case studies would provide comprehensive insights on work done so far . Needs has been regularly met, and efforts is still in place to ensure initiatives remain responsive to evolving needs and effectively address cultural nuances.

A combat effort of the community people, legal reforms, support services, education, media practitioners , remains the most effective method to end violence against women.

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