Smart Girl Stories

Hind Al Husseini – Educator, Social Worker, and Founder of Hind Al Husseini College

Hind Al Husseini was born on April 25th, 1916, in war-torn Jerusalem, loaded with conflict and violence after World War I. The frightening and chaotic nature of this early environment led her to become a...

Rula Jebreal – Fashion Model, Journalist, and Filmmaker

Rula Jebreal is an inspiring author and journalist with a background rooted in international politics. Rula had a tumultuous upbringing due to the political unrest of her native region but overcame these...



This category unveils the complex history and ongoing struggle of the Palestinian people and explores the stories of inspiring Palestinian women. Learn about Hanan Ashrawi, a politician and activist who champions human rights and a two-state solution **(already mentioned in Jordan). Delve into the work of Suheir Hammad, a poet, and educator who uses her art to give voice to the Palestinian experience. Discover the contributions of contemporary figures like Ahed Tamimi, a young activist who challenges Israeli occupation and inspires a new generation of resistance.