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Rachel Carson
Stories of inspiration from Smart Girl Stories across the globe. Rachel Carson – Marine Biologist, Author, and Conservationist

Rachel Carson – Marine Biologist, Author, and Conservationist

Rachel Carson was an American marine biologist, author, and conservationist. Here are some facts about her: -She grew up on a large farm outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that you can visit today called the Rachel Carson Homestead.

– She wrote her first published story when she was only eleven years old!

– She majored in biology from the Pennsylvania College for Women and later got her Master’s degree at Johns Hopkins University in zoology.

– After she graduated, she got a job with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and she wrote for a weekly broadcast that taught people about marine biology.

– She also wrote for magazines about marine biology.

– In World War II, government research led to the development of synthetic pesticides. After the war, farmers started to use these pesticides to kill bugs and insects on their crops. Rachel was worried about the consequences of using these pesticides on people and the environment. She researched this and found out that it can make people sick and is also unhealthy for the environment.

– She wrote a book about using pesticides and called it Silent Spring referring to the birds dying from being poisoned from the pesticides, making it a silent spring without the birds chirping. The book was published in 1962 and informed the pubic on the dangers of using harmful pesticides.

– The chemical industry was very angry at Rachel, since Silent Spring was scaring people away from using pesticides, making the chemical industry suffer financially. But, she defended her book with facts, and even testified before the U.S. Senate.

– In 1980, she was granted the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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