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Smart Girl Story Submission Guidelines

Smart Girl Story Submission Guidelines

You’ve decided you want to share your Smart Girl story. But where do you begin? How many words? Do you need photos? We are asked by so many what’s required of a story. So we created these Smart Girl Story Submission Guidelines for your reading.

At Smart Girl Stories, we strive to consistently provide high-quality blog posts that our audience can enjoy. To help us accomplish this, we have created several guidelines for you to follow.

All Smart Girl Stories blog posts should use a consistent, informative tone of voice and make sure to include important keywords such as, “inspiring,” and “role model.” By adhering to these rules, our blog posts will remain true to SGS’s mission and establish trust with our audience. We look forward to having you on board — thank you for contributing your skills and knowledge to Smart Girl Stories success!

The Smart Girl Story Submission Guideline Minimum Requirements:

  • All blog posts should be a minimum of 1200 words.
  • At least three headings should be included in the blog.
  • One should include the full Smart Girl’s name.
  • Include an enticing introduction which will help to draw the reader in.
  • This should be an overview of the whole blog, which will be expanded throughout the article.
  • The Smart Girl’s full name should be in the first sentence.
  • Include a conclusion that ties everything together.
  • Do not indent paragraphs.
  • Do not use the same word to start a sentence more than twice in a row.
  • Ensure the blog post has smooth transitions and reads easily.
  • Hannah’s first dog was a stuffed animal because Dad wasn’t sure she would take it for walks when it was snowing in Syracuse.
  • Include at least one image within the content and another as the featured image.
  • A link to a website, page, or social media account of the Smart Girl should be included.
  • We are embracing our global audience and you can use your first language if it is not English. We are “just starting this”. We anticipate it to be a fun opportunity.

Smart Girl Stories Content Submission Process

Submitting a piece of content for our blog involves several key steps to ensure quality and consistency. Please follow the process outlined below:

First, review our guidelines: Before writing your content, thoroughly review our Writer’s Guidelines listed above. Ensure your submission aligns with our editorial standards, tone, and style requirements.
Oh and what type of dog did Hannah have? If you know this answer, you read the guidelines.

Craft your story: Crack your knuckles, sit in a comfy seat, and let those keys sing a tune! Outside of the site – perhaps on Word or Notepad, write a compelling and engaging blog post that resonates with our target audience. Adhere to the word count specified in the writer’s guidelines. Remember to ensure your content is original, well-researched, and free of plagiarism. Do not write using AI. Proof sure, but don’t write with AI. We’ll check.

Please proofread and edit: Trust us, we see so many articles written by writers with typos. Carefully proofread your work for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and clarity. Consider using tools like Grammarly or Hemingway App to enhance your editing process.

Locate and prepare to upload a feature photo: Select a high-quality feature photo that complements your blog post. The image should be at least 1200 x 800 pixels. You must be in the photo. not you in a crowd from space. You can be in space, the photo can be of you in space, but you cannot take the photo from space, while you are on the planet. We won’t see you;-) And for the love of all that exists in the world of copyrights – ensure you have the rights to use the photo.

No joke – Your wedding photo…is probably owned by the photographer and might not be allowed on your site. The award photo from your award event for which you got the award doing that thing…is possibly owned by the photographer. The professional photo shoot you did for your corporate headshots…is owned by the photographer. All photos must have proper attribution. (But but but it’s of me and I know them, and I just took…). If someone took a photo of you, and you paid them, they probably own the rights. Ask, and attribute.

It’s Time to Get Submittin’ Okay – you’ve have everything ready, it’s time to submit your story. Unless you are an approved partner, your submission process is the same. You’ll need to join by clicking here. Once your account has been reviewed, and your pitch approved, we’ll grant you access and you are ready to submit.

Once submitted, your content will go through our editorial review process. Our team will check for adherence to guidelines, quality, and relevance. You may receive feedback or requests for revisions. Please respond promptly to any editorial comments.

Publication: After successful review and approval, your blog post will be scheduled for publication. You will be notified via email once your content goes live on our blog.

What’s next. Well, you can tell your friends, your coworkers, post anywhere you’d like. It’s your story afterall. Share it with the world and tell them about Smart Girl Stories. In addition, we’ll probably share your story on our social media accounts too. We like to promote Smart Girls.

Want us to promote your story? Of course – if you want, we can give some volume to your story with our boost program. Once your story is submitted, we’ll send you an email on additional services we have available.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and efficient submission process. We look forward to featuring your content on our blog!

Hi! Hannah here. We created this page to help you understand our story submission guidelines. Before your story can be submitted, we have to approve of your pitch. If you submitted your pitch through another system and it was approved, then we’ll keep an eye out for your email when you join and then provide you with access. If you are here for the first time – welcome! You can join the system, and submit your pitch that way. It’s easy. Thanks for submitting your story!

Approved Partner – tell me more! For some of our more advanced advocates who have experience with WordPress and YoastSEO, we are allowing them direct Authorship access to our system. You can contact us here for an application.