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Speaking With Claire Coder – Aunt Flow

When it comes to periods, talking about them openly and dealing with the products used during menstruation has historically been an uncomfortable, even off-limits subject. But that’s starting to change – slowly but surely, thanks to Aunt Flow!

Aunt Flow Bathroom

Leading The Charge

One company, in particular, is leading the charge for progress when it comes to providing public access to menstrual products: Aunt Flow. Through their unique business model and partnerships across businesses, schools, churches, and worksites around the country, Aunt Flow is helping ensure no one has to worry about having reliable access to period products, regardless of income or socioeconomic status.

Creator and CEO Of Aunt Flow

Claire Coder is the creator and CEO of Aunt Flow. Claire dedicated her life to inventing a way to ensure companies and schools can sustainably supply excellent period products for free in public restrooms. Since 2016, Aunt Flow has provided period products to menstruators all across the world.

We had the pleasure to speak with Claire to ask a few questions. Read below to learn some more about this amazing company and all they are doing for menstruators around the globe!

My Discussion With Clare Coder!

What is Aunt Flow? On a mission to ensure everyone has access to period products, Aunt Flow is the most efficient solution to provide such essentials for free to employees, students, and guests. Aunt Flow offers organic cotton tampons, pads, and patented free-vend dispensing systems. Now, thousands of organizations have joined the menstrual movement with Aunt Flow in locations like nationwide K-12 schools, Princeton University, Google, Netflix and more!

Aunt Flow 1

How did you come up with the idea of Aunt Flow? How did you build upon that idea to create the organization you have today? I founded Aunt Flow almost six years ago when I got my period in public at an event without a pad or tampon on hand.” I thought to myself, if toilet paper is offered for free, why aren’t tampons and pads?”® At that moment, I decided to drop out of college and start Aunt Flow at 18 years old. I’ve been on a mission to ensure that everyone has access to period products ever since!

Aunt Flow 2What is the goal of Aunt Flow? The ultimate goal is to walk into ANY bathroom and never need to worry if I start my period because Aunt Flow’s period products will be freely available to everyone. 

Why should people care about your product and cause? According to a study conducted by Free the Tampons, 86% of women reportedly started their period in public without the supplies they needed. By helping businesses and schools easily implement inclusive, sustainable period product programs, we’re providing the solution to the problem menstruators have been dealing with for YEARS. Who carries quarters around, anyways? 

Aunt Flow 3

How does the United States compare to other countries in providing feminine hygiene products in public restrooms? They are more and more states requiring businesses and schools to offer freely accessible period products, but there are still 27 states that have period-related taxes. Outside of the US, we stock businesses and schools in Canada and the UK, thanks to our international distribution partner, Citron HygieneSo, while legislation is changing, we still have a lot of work to do! 

Breaking The Stigma

It was a pleasure speaking with Claire Coder and learning about her company Aunt Flow. Speaking with her was truly insightful, as she explained her company’s important role in breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation. Aunt Flow’s mission is to ensure that menstruators have access to the products they need to manage their periods while also advocating for menstrual equity.

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Claire’s passion for this cause is contagious, and seeing her work toward making a change is inspiring. Through Aunt Flow, she is providing a practical solution to a common problem and creating a positive impact on many lives.

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