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Bronte Sisters
Stories of inspiration from Smart Girl Stories across the globe. The Bronte Sisters – Defining an Era of Literature

The Bronte Sisters – Defining an Era of Literature

Today’s SmartGirl highlight is an ensemble of girls known as the Bronte Sisters. The Bronte sisters – Charlotte, Emily, and Anne – are undoubtedly well-known and celebrated figures in English literature. Their works, such as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, have achieved classic status for centuries since their publication. It is easy to comprehend the power of their work when these books have influenced different generations worldwide, even inspiring film adaptions.

With obvious evident signs of gender inequality that plagued 19th Century England, where men almost monopolised the writing industry, the three sisters broke through boundaries and paved the path to success as they managed to get published despite all odds. Inspiring young writers still look to the Bronte Sisters today for a glimmer of light in a heavily competitive landscape.

The Bronte Sister’s Early Years and Rise to Fame

The Bronte sisters were born in a small village called Haworth on the Northwestern side of England. During their lifetime, the village was populated by 1000-3000 people who were mostly farming, rearing sheep, and hunting animals for food. There were not a lot of jobs or ways of being productive in the village, so Haworth’s people often lacked proper resources. However, the village was covered in beautiful, bright green hills and a large cemetery where the sisters were known to walk around.

The Bronte sisters grew up kind of isolated in the far-away English countryside. Their father worked in the Church, and their mother was a homemaker. As young girls, they were sent to a boarding school where they endured harsh treatment and a lack of proper food and care. After coming home sick, their father pulled them out of school and took to educating them himself. They spent the rest of their years studying at home and roaming around Haworth’s lush green meadows, forests, and hillsides.

Much of their education consisted of reading classic books like Shakespeare, and all the girls showed interest in literature and storytelling. Writing became a favorite pastime for the girls as they lived isolated lives but were surrounded by beauty—green hills, tall trees, creeks, and waterfalls. Despite their struggles, they took up reading and leaning into the freshness of their surroundings and produced beautiful worlds that became bestselling books in Victorian England.

Before becoming famous, they wrote their works using fake names (boys’ names specifically) and did this partly so that publishers would take them seriously as artists. Their identities were revealed after their works sold lots of copies because they had to ensure they got credit for their work.

Legacy – The Bronte Society

The writings of Charlotte, Anne, and Emily are still read and appreciated widely and offer readers a work of art that can tell us a great deal about ourselves, our struggles, and how to overcome tough times to make something beautiful. While many people read them in schools, or privately, there is a major organization called The Bronte Society that looks after the former family home (which is now a museum!) and makes sure all the writings are preserved and placed in exhibitions for interested people to come and visit. According to Wikipedia, “they have branches in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, the Scandinavian countries, South Africa, and the USA.”

The Bronte Sisters Are Still Inspiring Young Writers

The works of the Bronte Sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, have captivated readers for centuries. Their tales of strong female characters who fight tirelessly against unjust social normatives continue to provide an emotionally charged source of inspiration for young people from all walks of life.

Despite the differences in time period, generation and culture around the world, people can still bring something away from the stories these sisters wrote over 160 years ago. Through their works, the Bronte sisters continue to promote the importance of independent thought, self-discovery and resilience towards adversity – values that will always remain timeless and inspiring.

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