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Meet Smart Girl Julia Seraphine

My name is Julia Seraphine, and I am the founder of The Julia Seraphine Agency, a PR and Digital Marketing Agency that largely serves women entrepreneurs.

Why did I choose this path?

After starting digital marketing in 2016, I found myself getting steamrolled by some business owners for being somewhat younger and having less experience. There were many great men and women who worked together with me and made me feel accepted in the community, but there were also some who belittled me for being a young woman.

While there were both men and women who were kind to me, other women entrepreneurs made me feel so supported. Working with them was a divine experience, where I always felt empowered during and after the marketing contracts.

After working with a multitude of women entrepreneurs, I found myself seeking out women-owned businesses more than men-owned businesses. It felt like I found my calling to help and support other women with their dreams. At that point, I decided to become a woman-centric agency, which focused more on women’s businesses. I still accept men-owned businesses as my clients, and I still find joy in working with them from time to time, but The Julia Seraphine Agency mainly supports women!

What challenges did you face opening a PR and Digital Marketing Agency?

As I mentioned, in the beginning, I felt steamrolled as a young woman in this industry. There were many established digital marketing agencies that were miles ahead of me, and many clients would rather work with them than take a chance with me based on my skills alone. There were also clients who did want to work with me but treated me poorly because I was so young. I remember one client even had the nerve to not pay me because I wasn’t able to get an influencer to visit their hair salon during the Covid lockdown. Even though I had already done all the other work, we agreed on! At the time, there was nothing I could do about it, but now I am established and much more resilient. I also have safeguards in place that I didn’t know about back then.

How did you overcome these challenges?

In 2021, after five years or so in the digital marketing space, I started to become recognized as a digital marketing expert for my skills and expansive knowledge. I prided myself on studying and working harder than others during my time outside of work, and it paid off! I was invited to speak on television, radio, and podcast, I was invited for two TEDx Talks, and I was nominated for (but didn’t win) the Forbes 30-Under-30. Also, I began getting invited to give guest lectures at different colleges such as NYU and the Savannah College of Art and Design. Nobody dared try to steamroll me after that, and my confidence in my abilities skyrocketed to the point I wouldn’t let anyone put me down anymore.

Were you purpose-driven?

Of course! My mission to help other women promote their businesses through my PR and Digital Marketing agency has driven me this entire time. When I was a young woman, I felt how harsh the business landscape could be towards women — especially women who didn’t have as many resources as others. I was once in the same boat as them, so I know exactly what to do to help women who are facing those same challenges. I even try to keep my prices fair for small businesses, who may not be able to afford certain services otherwise. I have also volunteered to help student entrepreneurs as a mentor, and that flame has really kept me going during hard times.

Digital Marketing Services and DIY Social Media Marketing Products for Business Owners
Julia Seraphine

Julia Seraphine


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