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Out of the Ring and Into the Weeds

Tara Lordi, CEO of WeeDoo Greenboat

Tara Lordi President at Weedoo Greenboat,Inc

Many people ask how my multifaceted career path eventually led me to my current position as CEO of Weedoo Boats. It all started with a passion for preserving nature and protecting natural resources. Born and raised at the base of the Catskill Mountains in New York, I developed an early appreciation for nature. Lakes, rivers, and various waterways were a staple in our community. Our waters are extremely important for fun and for our ecosystem. When I saw a sign posted to the side of our community lake, “No swimming for 24 hours,” I investigated and found they were pouring chemicals into the water to kill invasive weeds. It was this early experience and the influence of my grandfather, a surgeon, and my father, a Vietnam veteran and pioneer in blood glucose testing products, that greatly motivated my environmental devotion, which intersected with an interest in science.

Jumping Ahead

I left traditional school in the sixth grade to become a professional equestrian. My parents always encouraged me to be aware of the world around me. They taught me to love animals and nature and to care for them. Additionally, traveling the world as an equestrian at a young age enabled me to experience a variety of countries and cultures. Competing in show jumping also sharpened my discipline and competitive skills. It’s hard to be intimidated by any business challenge after jumping an 1800 lb animal over a 5 ft oxer. 

Tara Lordi President at Weedoo Greenboat,Inc Equestrian

After that, I graduated from Marist College and pursued a business career. I was one of the first to pioneer the disqualification logic platforms for the banking industry and was instrumental in the introduction of Building Information Modeling, or BIM. BIM has changed the way the entire construction industry functions through digital imagery and calculated modeling.

My experience in operations, technology, and business contributed to my growth in the finance world. It was these skills, combined with my unwavering dedication to the environment, that led me to take another turn in my career path. 

Let’s Do This

These environmental concerns were shared by my late husband, John Grimes, and together we founded Weedoo Greenboat, Inc. It was our goal to develop a mechanical harvesting vessel that could effectively clean lakes and streams without causing significant harm to the water. There are a variety of agents used to treat aquatic weeds, but they all have one thing in common: cellular death. Removal of unwanted biomass is paramount to a healthy waterway and ecosystem. Chemical applications sink the waste to the bottom, creating lower oxygen levels, decreased water depths, and increased temperatures. And after numerous applications, plants can build up a tolerance to these sprays.

Since John’s passing in 2019, I have continued working with an exceptional team that shares those values. This group has become my family, and they allow me to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies—cooking. I try to make lunch for the Weedoo crew every day. We not only work together, but we also enjoy out-of-office activities as well. I think this camaraderie has made us a better team. I’m pleased to note that Weedoo has emerged as a key player in the effort to clean up our waterways and preserve the environment. Our workboats are uniquely compact and maneuverable, with the stability of harvesters several times their size. They are designed to tackle the toughest lake weeds in extreme and challenging conditions. 500 lbs of vegetation a minute…instant gratification.

It’s a Dirty Job

For many, it may seem unusual for a female to be knee-deep in weeds and manufacturing. Once again, maybe my show-jumping experience comes into play. In that sport, men and women compete against each other. It’s the same course; the jumps are the same height for every competitor, and the scoreboard is unaware of who’s in the ring. I’ve learned that the real advantage is an innovative idea and a needed product. Delivering a product that is more economical than the current herbicide spraying is what has helped us succeed in this industry.

The growing demand for environmentally safe and highly effective solutions for managing aquatic weeds attracts clients. Our dedication to the cause and focus on innovation have made Weedoo workboats powerful and effective machines for anyone with a waterway on a global scale. Currently, there is a Weedoo on the job in 40 states and 16 countries. 

What’s Next? 

My story is one of dedication to preserving nature and protecting our natural resources. Weedoo has become a leading figure in the eco-friendly fight against aquatic weed growth, but we’re not done. Our biggest challenge is navigating the complex legislative landscape to advocate for a shift away from herbicide spraying and towards mechanical harvesting. Overcoming regulatory barriers and promoting awareness about the detrimental long-term effects is crucial in fostering a sustainable approach to weed management. 

Our goal is to expand our manufacturing capabilities to keep up with the demand of our workboats from governments, service providers, and private owners throughout the US and internationally. We’ve made a good start, but we can’t do it alone. We encourage people who live near a waterway to ask if there are harmful herbicides being used to clean their community lakes or ponds. If water from these lakes and ponds is used to irrigate yards, these toxins are no longer just in the water; they’re in their lawn. I hope my story inspires others to ask questions and take action to make a positive impact on our environment.

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