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Maria Ressa
Stories of inspiration from Smart Girl Stories across the globe. Maria Ressa – Nobel Peace Prize-Winning Journalist

Maria Ressa – Nobel Peace Prize-Winning Journalist

“You cannot succeed if at some point you haven’t failed”- Maria Ressa. Does it really matter that we experience failure before victory? Is it required to fail a couple of times before we reach the point of success?

There are a lot of successful people shining locally and internationally. However, when people are asked about successful people, many only include men in their answers, such as Henry Sy, Tony Tan, Edgar Sia, etc. Even when searching online for successful people, the top answer will be a man.

Obviously, there is a large space for successful men in the world, but is there enough space for successful women? How much does gender have to do with the world’s success? When you hear about women like Maria Ressa, it is easy to see that women definitely have a spot in worldwide success!

Success Knows No Gender

Maria Ressa is an extraordinary example of a woman who has proved that success knows no gender. Her quote, “ You cannot succeed if at some point you haven’t failed,” serves as an inspiration for those aspiring to become successful.

Maria has also proved that failure is part of our pathway to success. She says, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Success can be possible depending on how people handle their failures. Success is elusive. It is only for those who have the strength and who are brave enough to continue their process despite failure, challenges and obstacles.

Maria Ressa Success In The Phillippines

Maria Ressa is one of the most famous women in the Philippines. Her commitment and eagerness to fight for freedom of speech is priceless. She’s living her life as a journalist, teacher, author, CNN Bureau Chief, ABS-CBN Head of News and Current Events, and is the CEO of Rappler. She was also recently named a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Winner and was included in Time’s Person of the Year 2018 issue.

Throughout her career, Maria has been through many different challenges. In 2019, she was arrested for cyberlibel due to accusations that Rappler published a false news story concerning businessman Wilfredo Keng. She was arrested by Philippine authorities and found guilty in a Manila court under the controversial Anti-Cybercrime law. Despite all the suffering and problems Maria has been through, it has not deterred her fight for freedom of speech.

Outstanding Women Are Not Born, They Are Made

Maria Ressa has proved that gender and failure have nothing to do with our success. She’s a woman with lots of frustration, yet she doesn’t let her gender and failures dictate her future. She’s living proof that outstanding women are not born; they are made. Her ambition not only defines her own success but also inspires other women who want to make a name for themselves.

Maria continues to inspire others through her books and by teaching courses in politics and the press in Southeast Asia at Princeton University and broadcast journalism for the University of the Philippines Diliman.

May Maria’s stories inspire women to start creating their own success stories. It’s not all about how it can change their life, it’s also about how it can help in changing the world!

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