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Samira Shabani Dehkordi
Stories of inspiration from Smart Girl Stories across the globe. Samira Shabani Dehkordi – First Female Helicopter Pilot In Iran

Samira Shabani Dehkordi – First Female Helicopter Pilot In Iran

Despite her lack of support and obstacles, Samira Shabani Dehkordi was determined to realize her childhood dream of becoming the first female helicopter pilot in the aftermath of the Islamic Revolution. Despite the lack of value placed on females in important roles in her culture, she took the difficult chance with complicated work and perseverance and became a role model to women in her community who have kept their desires in the jail of limitation!

The Birth Of A Dream

Samira Shabani was born on 26 March 1986 in Shahr-e kord, Iran, and raised in Ahvaz. Her father passed away when she was a child, and her mother was a stay-at-home parent. Samira is the youngest child of a family of 7.

She was only three years old when the Iran-Iraq war ended. Still, the discussion and visualization of warplanes in Zahedan and her father’s interest in aviation led Samira to become familiar with flying and dream of flying over the clouds.

Samira moved to Tehran, Iran’s capital, in 2005 to make her dream come true and study aviation. She said, “Although lots of people around me have told me to be disappointed that piloting is a man’s job and that women can’t make any progress, I didn’t care what they said. I tried to do my best to get into this field”.

Samira had a traditional wedding and a son. Many people said to Samira that she could not be a mother and a worker, but she disagreed that these two roles were incompatible. She will strive to reach her dream and is determined to become a satisfied mother who enjoys making her child proud.

Samira Shabani Dehkordi ‘s Attempt To Fly

Even though the expensive costs of the pilot training and the other challenges she faced made it complicated in the beginning, Samira had a strong desire to fly helicopters since she was a child, so she was determined to make it happen. She paid for the training through her difficult work and was able to complete the two-year pilot course.

The next obstacle was her equipment because, after the Islamic Revolution, they recognized no woman in a helicopter flying. She corresponded every day with the educational authorities for two years until they finally contacted her in April 2019 to ask her to start her training.

Many people thought Samira would be unable to complete the training, but she did not care about rumors and remained focused on her objectives.

Samira was the only female in the instructor-pilot class, and when the rest of her classmates saw her perseverance and complicated work, they congratulated her and said they would help her make her dream come true.

On The Top Of The Clouds

After six months of commercial flying training, she learned to fly a helicopter, which is more challenging than flying an aircraft. Samira eventually flew her first solo flight in February 2019 in a Robinson R44 helicopter.

When people ask Samira if she ever thinks about failing, she states, “I have endured lots of difficulties in becoming a helicopter pilot, and even the smallest of them cannot be told. I don’t like to ruin the sweetness of a dream that’s no longer a dream when I think about falling.”

Samira now works as a teacher and pilot and encourages all her students. She believes that you can accomplish what you want if you believe in the purpose. She also wants the government to support more women in aviation, and she says that women can succeed as much as men and that capacity is no longer limited to physical strength but dependent upon individual intelligence and effort.

Being the first in anything is highly challenging and has many unidentified hindrances, but by believing in herself and her objectives, Samira only reflected on constructing a path and not on her restrictions. Her attempts are inspiring for women and girls who dare to dream.

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