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Prosper Badejo
Stories of inspiration from Smart Girl Stories across the globe. Meet Prosper Badejo, an Electrical and Electronic Engineer With a Difference

Meet Prosper Badejo, an Electrical and Electronic Engineer With a Difference

Hello, Smart Girls. Meet Prosper Badejo, a fourth-year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at one of Nigeria’s universities. She was the first academic director of the Society of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Students (SEEES) in her institution.

Prosper Badejo: Being In A Male Dominated Field

“Being in a male-dominated field, one of the most discouraging comments I have received, which highlighted existing inequalities, occurred when I was introduced to some of my parents’ connections during the search for a 6-month Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES). However, upon meeting me, some of these people expressed surprise and skepticism regarding my abilities simply because I am a lady.”
“Oh, I didn’t know she’s a female. Are you sure she can work with us?” Well, I never allow it to hit me hard. I believe people are entitled to their opinions. I’ve learned to advocate for myself and challenge such obstacles. I’ve remained steadfast in making my voice heard and creating positive changes, albeit gradually.

Deciding On Her Path

Initially, Prosper Badejo said, ” I wanted to study computer engineering as I believed it a cumulation of my interest in computer software, hardware, and design. But that course isn’t offered in university i chose, so i consulted my physics teacher who told me about Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I went back home to do my research and found out the course is largely focused on electricity-related engineering. This means it is one of the most modern forms of engineering and is actually related to computer engineering, so I opted for it.
It has been fun and interesting since I embarked on this journey; the course aroused my love for creativity and problem-solving; though there are ups and downs in the course of studying, it’s necessary to be passionate and inspired in a chosen career, this will keep pushing you to do more and serves as the drive to excel, without this, your work may suffer. Prioritization, an excellent method, is what I apply. I set clear goals and timelines for each work, ensuring that important academic obligations take precedence. I also imbibe practices like setting schedules and delegating tasks to qualified team members so I can carry out other responsibilities efficiently.
Another challenge has been the gap observed in leadership roles within my faculty. She noted, “There are some of my male colleagues who believe that certain positions like General Secretary or Financial Secretary could be occupied by females but important roles like Presidency shouldn’t. This bias frequently manifests as unequal treatment during elections, favoring male candidates.

Charity Work

Naming a few of the charity work Prosper Badejo has been involved in, Prosper noted,” I  volunteered in three crucial positions in different organizations and societies, worked as a Speaker and Panel Correspondence Team Lead of RESDEV GENZ Hackathon, the event management Lead of Google Developer Student Club, Vice Chairperson, IEEE Student Branch, in my institution. Balancing these volunteering commitments with academic work was tough but rewarding, but I take breaks, get adequate rest, and engage in activities that rejuvenate me mentally and physically.

No Limitations to What Girls Can Achieve

In her words of advice to her fellow smart girls, Prosper stressed that there should be no limitation to what girls can achieve, “I deeply appreciate the ongoing efforts to empower and uplift the girl child, especially in STEM-related field, so am encouraging the girl child to take up that role you think its meant for the other gender, girls can do well too, we are thriving, we are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that we are not second class citizens, and to every girl reading this, believe in yourself, be determined, be focused, keep your head straight and never allow anyone to put you down.”

“As for me, my career goal is to become a software engineer and to explore the intersection of digital design skills. I see myself building effective solutions to the problems around me and contributing meaningfully to advancing technology and society shortly,” she stressed further.

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