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Skill Acquisition: CRIMMD Centre Trains 11,000 Lagos Women, Girls

CRIMMD Free Skill Acquisition Centre for Women provides first-hand training for women to become experts in their chosen skills, ranging from tailoring/fashion designing to catering, bead making, soap making, liquid disinfectant production, hat and cap making, Ankara bags and shoe making, and Makeup training classes.
Founded by Dr Raphael and Princess Folasade James in February 2016, the CRIMMD Centre for Women Empowerment started operating in the Idimu area of Lagos, Nigeria, with five sewing machines, four laptops, one computer desktop, and some catering equipment. It also embarked on a regular visit to secondary schools to train female students in craft making. It has visited 31 secondary schools and trained no fewer than 11,000 women in Lagos.
The beneficiaries at CRIMMD Centre for Women and Girls share a common goal: to be self-reliant, independent, and emotionally stable. The centre also helps women challenge traditional gender roles and expectations and break free from societal constraints.

A CRIMMD Success Story

Madam Victoria, a caterer who lives in the Ejigbo area of Lagos, graduated from CRIMMD Skills Acquisition Centre. For her, it was six months of meaningful vocational training. In a close chat with her, she stated,” During my time at the center, I was taught how to make different snacks and bake beautiful cakes. I learned craft making too; I make eye-opening Ankara shoes and bags”. I work tirelessly towards raising funds to get a shop and purchase needed equipment, so I work from home”.
Reacting to customer turnout since she’s operating from home, she said, “Though the beginning might be small, thank God for daily increase; it has been God all the way. For me, getting one or two equipments is my top priority, and with 500,000, i will be able to get some, kickstart on a new notes and then think of getting renting a shop. I have promised myself that i will not stop, i will not be discouraged, i will keep myself busy and gets going with other businesses till things get better.
Madam Toyin came in contact with the CRIMMD women’s empowerment centre on her way to her house. She registered and learned tailoring skills for six months without any charges. One good thing about the centre is that she disclosed that even after graduation, one can still attend classes anytime for further clarification.
Testifying to the humanitarian work established by the founder, she joyfully said, “The vocational training has helped me a lot. It has empowered me in my chosen career. It serves as a source of support to myself and my family at large. I started working with one sewing machine, and as time went by, things became better and greater.
Madam Abiola never believed she could be a boss of her own, it was indeed a dream come true for her to become a notable sewing mistress in lagos..” I was hopeless at the time; things weren’t working for me, and it wasn’t easy for a widow to take care of two children. I was down financially, couldn’t afford to provide food to the table; things became so though, I thought things would never be rossy for us again.”
“I joined the class where I acquired skills in bead and hat making. I took my time to be attentive and committed throughout the six months of training. I put all my interest in it, and it turned out well for me.”
“I started with a small amount, made lovely beads, and took them to my church for members to see. It was really a dream come true when people started requesting different styles.” Orders kept coming, so I thought of increasing the number of items I produced. Now I am a boss. I have my own shop, and I use social media to advertise my business. I am happy I can feed my family now.

Another Beneficiary Of CRIMMD

Another beneficiary, Miss Magret, who couldn’t hide her joy, said,” I always pray to God to bless the founder of this center. I went, saw, and conquered the fear of being jobless after obtaining my first degree. I make deodorants and liquid soap in large quantities. I started small, but God has enlarged my coast. People now come from different areas of Lagos to buy my products. I sell in bulk mostly. Crimmd Women’s Acquisition Centre shaped my life to become self-reliant and independent.
Call me a businesswoman, and I will respond with pride because having a source of income itself is a pride. I don’t wait for any family members to give me money; I make money myself, although I receive it if it is available. However, I no longer rely on people for help.
Madam Jane, one of the instructors at the centre reiterated the need to empower women with vocational skills as it strengthen local economies, makes businesses strive, bring families out of poverty and enables women to support themselves financially.
 “I’m privileged to be the instructor for the Baking and Catering department of the skill acquisition center; I teach women how to bake cakes, snacks, natural drinks, and African delicacies. I also teach them how to start their own business from scratch until they stabilize.”
Empowering women entrepreneurs to be self-reliant is what meaningful Nigerians should look into. Providing them with the necessary education and training is as important as water is to life. It allows women to support themselves financially.
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