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Terri Rehkopf 
Stories of inspiration from Smart Girl Stories across the globe. Terri Rehkopf – Master Hair Healer and Holistic Hair Educator

Terri Rehkopf – Master Hair Healer and Holistic Hair Educator

Ippodaro Natural Salon, the Art of Holistic Care and Styling Hair

“I’m big on connecting with other people in our community,” said Terri Rehkopf, Master Hair Healer and Holistic Hair Educator. “I typically look for people that share the same mission as we do— and that’s improving the quality of life”

From a young age, Terri Rehkopf knew she wanted to serve people. Whether inspired by her mother’s work, strong cultural values, or passion for community connection, she wanted to do it holistically.

“I think that’s why I have a deeper appreciation for her being that way because it’s created who I am today.”

Terri Rehkopf’s Journey

Once her mother, who was also a hairstylist, introduced an organic hair color to Rehkopf for the first time, it made her wonder: why aren’t more people using this? With time, and her mother’s encouragement, Rehkopf followed her two passions— holistic care and styling hair. 

Terri Rehkopf is business owner and founder of Ippodaro Natural Salon, a one-of-a-kind holistic spa located in San Antonio, Texas, where natural products and sustainable practices bring out one’s natural beauty. 

Where hair care meets health — Ippodaro Natural Salon offers both natural and organic products to help those who are interested in hair care without all of the harsh chemicals. “I wanted to do something different because I don’t do the ‘norm’ stuff,” said Rehkopf.

A warm atmosphere welcomes clients to a health-friendly salon where they will meet with their personal hair care healer to find the products that suit them best— for both their lifestyle and outcome. By the end of your time at Ippodaro Natural Salon, you will leave feeling beautiful and at ease, knowing the products used were natural and organic. 

Holistic Healing And Self-Care

Rehkopf blends holistic healing and self-care for each session. It prioritizes the client’s hair health by offering natural ingredients, relaxing treatments, and navigating individualized hair care plans. The salon welcomes people of all genders, whether they want to rejuvenate their scalp, combat hair loss, or achieve a desired look.

The multi-service natural salon offers custom cuts, professional coloring and styling, hair care consultations, and knowledgeable experts ready to help. Each time you take a seat under the salon’s care, you’ll get an experience where you are listened to and advised by experts with your best interests in mind.

“We advise where we need to based on our expertise, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what we want. It’s what the guest wants,” said Rehkopf. “Even when they can’t communicate it, we ask more in-depth questions to be able to read between the lines because most of the time, people don’t know how to communicate what they want.”

Healing Hair Holistically

Ippodaro Natural Salon takes a unique approach in their practice by looking for factors that might affect their client’s hair and scalp health. Why? Their mission is to heal hair holistically. 

 “A lot of people come with hair loss or sensitivities, and they don’t really know where to go,” said Rehkopf. 

She knew she needed a better way to examine her client’s hair health and history while also recognizing potential lifestyle factors causing the client’s health concerns. “They’re going to get an experience where we actually listen and not give them something that we don’t think is a good idea,” said Rehkopf. 

Now, every new client takes an introduction questionnaire in hopes of shining a light on patterns of possible health triggers in one’s daily habits. “We set a form where we want to learn everything: what they eat; what’s their lifestyle like,” said Rehkopf, “and that helps us navigate the ‘root’ cause of why someone’s hair might be falling out or why they might have scalp issues.”

Once the client meets with a ‘haircare healer’ they are then able to examine the scalp and hair and determine any potential issues or concerns the client may have. They can then help the client choose between quality hair products based on the client’s hair and scalp needs.

“We navigate people through cleaner products,” said Rehkopf, “we’re like the Whole Foods of salons.” Even when it comes to their cleaning supplies, they don’t use harsh chemicals. 

Rehkopf uses the term ‘hair healers’, a title given to hair stylists who have undergone additional training in holistic healing. Completing the six-month program equips each hair healer with the knowledge to identify potential hair and scalp issues in clients. 

“I live my life very holistically, and I like to influence others to go that direction,” said Rehkopf. 

According to Merriam-Webster, to live life holistically is to regard things as wholes with complete systems rather than the analysis of individual parts. When it comes to holistic medicine, this means treating the mind and body as a unit instead of separate entities. 

If hair holds history, Rehkopf can see it. “I know when somebody is going through something stressful in their life, just by what I’m seeing in their hair,” said Rehkopf. 

Combating Abuse, Protecting Survivors

It’s not all fun and games working at a salon. Sometimes you will work with clients that show signs of violence or abuse— whether it’s through an anxious flinch, hair loss or bodily bruises. “When you see those signs of somebody, it’s a little tough because you don’t know what they’ve been through,” she said. 

Sometimes people open up about what is going on in their lives. Then there are others who have lashed out when asked the same question, she said. “This just teaches us all we can do is just speak and be encouraging.”

In fact, two states, Tennessee and Illinois, have led the way in combating domestic violence by requiring beauty professionals to receive domestic violence training as part of their licensing, according to NBC News

More recently, the Salon Stories Act, a bill introduced in December 2023, supports state grant funding and requires all licensed beauty professionals to take a domestic violence prevention course. 

“I think we have such a big role as hairstylists — and when it gets to that point, I do take it to a personal level, if they’re open to it.”

She has worked as a professional hair stylist and hair healer in her community for the last 14 years, yet, her early childhood upbringing is what likely initiated that spark. “I really have to give kudos to my mom because she definitely instilled that in me,” said Rehkopf.

She continues to be a steady support and resourceful healer for hairstylists in and outside her community.

“If stylists need guidance, I am open for them to connect with me,” said Rehkopf.  “I think it’s important for us because, as hair stylists, we know everybody. It’s connecting with people where they can help one another.”

Ippodaro Natural Salon: where you can get to the ‘root’ of your problems.

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