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luwakemi Soyebi Abiodun
Stories of inspiration from Smart Girl Stories across the globe. Oluwakemi Soyebi Abiodun and Her Humanitarian Work in Nigeria

Oluwakemi Soyebi Abiodun and Her Humanitarian Work in Nigeria

Helping people out of situations that makes it difficult for them to achieve their full potential in the society is what Oluwakemi Soyebi Abiodun is known for. She’s not a girl, she’s a legend who whose humanitarian deeds is second to none. She was born and raised in the western part of Nigeria, being the only child of her mother, she loves to have people around and make meaningful impacts in the lives of those she’s in contact with.

She founded a non governmental organization aimed at solving social challenges through empowerment, leadership and education, “SHOKESTA “. The Initiative has helped over 4,000 women, youth and children across Nigeria.

Oluwakemi Soyebi Abiodun’s Humanitarian Services

Soyebi has impacted lives in Nigeria with her humanitarian services, according to her ” in this part of the world, we live in a society where poverty and different kinds of problems and challenges are tearing people apart especially in our country we find ourselves today”

” Its awakening in us the consciousness of being our brothers’ keeper and checking the wellbeing of our neighbours and everyone around us because people are dying daily out of hunger, poverty and lack of care especially within the Southwest region where I came from”.

On the motive behind the creation of the initiative, she noted that the foundation was originated towards solving the societal problems through the distribution of relief materials to the less privileged, widows, orphans and the aged in the society.

Availability Of Water Resources

The strong advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in her effort towards ensuring availability of water resources which is critical to the survival of people and the planet, partnered with Nigeria Connect (US) to commissioned hope water project at a correctional center in Ogun state Nigeria.

The Hope water project was put in place to strengthen SDG Goal 6 which does not only tackles issues relating to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), but also promotes the quality and sustainability of water resources worldwide., Her word speaks volume “water is life, the fact that they’re inmates does not mean they shouldn’t have access to good water supply” .

Charitable Deeds

Her charitable deeds won her the “World Icon of Peace” awarded by the World Institute of Peace, being recognized by the institute as a diligent advocate of SDG 16 through community peace building in west Africa, the peace Institute aimed at building young peace leaders across the world and giving aide to people in needs such as refugees, less privileges, children, widows and old ages across borders of life.

Supporting the STG goal 1 which calls for an end in poverty in all its manifestation by 2030, the Initiative visited some communities in south western Nigeria to distribute food items with the objective to provide essential items to those in need and to alleviate hunger in the communities. The project was put in place to help cushion the effect of the economic hardship on the lives of members of society.

Eliminating gender disparity in education and supporting equal access to all levels of education as SDG goal 4 vision, was encouraged by the initiative ,as books were presented to some libraries to provide free educational news and historical events in Nigeria.

Soyebi at one time visited Modupe Cole home for down syndrome children in Akoka Lagos to show love and appreciation to the caregivers. She extended her kind gesture to those at the home with the support of orphans corp in Abuja.

She was a co organizer of a 20 days free residential training program for 34 teenagers and embarked on one year training on leadership to these teenagers at no cost, a one time program officer for the common wealth women’ organization .A professional fellow and also the Vice President 1 of a pan Africa institute of information management Africa ( IIM-AFRICA ).

A Change Ambassador for PEACE and Humanity ( CAPH ) , trained on Conflict Prevention in 2013 at the Koffi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre in Accra Ghana and also at African Centre for Leadership Strategy and Development.

Soyebi derives pleasure in showing love to the less privilege and she has been able to reach out to the masses through her non governmental organization with a vision to live well and be the reason other smiles.

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